Despite the pullbacks, This Crypto is Now Worth $20,000


Crypto is currently trending as a potential way to earn a lot of money within a short period of time. The reason for this is because of its extremely volatile nature, a coin valuing $100 now might have a potential return of investment of 2000% over the next year.

What’s the Story?

A crypto asset’s potential is usually derived based on its past performance and it is through this information that traders gather their insight. A whole year of observation can lead to a fortune. 

Cointelegraph launched its very own subscription data intelligence service named Market Pro on January 9, 2021. During that time Bitcoin was being traded at around $40,200. This year’s value of Bitcoin is nearing $42,000 showing an increase of more or less 4%.

The funny thing is that one of Market Pro’s key indicators, the VORTECS™ Score revealed very different results. The VORTECS™ Score for Bitcoin was a 20,573% ROI which is a far cry from the minuscule 4% actual increase.  

Why the 20,573% ROI?

If you’re looking for the crypto that received a %20,000 ROI … it isn’t there because it’s nonexistent. It was simply the VORTECS™ Score for BItcoin which was taken from  Market Pro’s algorithm.

Knowing the potential of crypto coins is worth a fortune

Now the $20,000 crypto may not exist but that doesn’t mean that traders can’t make a fortune out of  VORTECS™ Score. It may not be 100% accurate like what happened with Bitcoin but the insights you can get from it could potentially be worth more than $20,000

What is the VORTECS™  Score?

As mentioned before, the VORTECS™ Score is part of Cointelegraphs’data intelligence service named Market Pro and It was intended to help traders make more profitable trades. VORTECS™ is a trading indicator powered by AI. 

VORTECS™ is an AI-powered trading indicator of Cointelegraph

This indicator sifts through a digital asset’s history and records. The AI also identifies different metrics of both bullish and bearish markets then analyzes them with social sentiment metrics. A good example would be Ethereum (ETH), whenever someone tweets something positive about the crypto, its value suddenly spikes. 

The VORTECS™algorihm will analyze this correlation and assign Ethereum a high VORTECS™ Score like 80 or 90, showing traders that this cryptocurrency has a high potential for growth.  80 is the conventional cutoff for bullishness and the score could be higher depending on how favorable the outlook of the model is. 

VORTECS™  has a reputation  for greater yields and ROI

Of course, this is just a generalized process on how the VORTECS™algorihm, and it also takes into account other factors as well on giving its scores. But despite the complicated analysis and calculation of the algorithm, it cannot predict the future and it will make mistakes from time to time as it did with Bitcoin.

In fact, the reason why the hypothetical value of Bitcoin in 2021 was nearly 20,000% wasn’t because of an error but because it was the AI doing the balancing of the assets which led to large returns. In short, 20,000% would have been the return of investment in a year if the computer was doing the trading!


To conclude, the VORTECS™algorihm and similar trading algorithms can be worth a lot of fortune because of their predictive capabilities. However, it’s not perfect and it can make ridiculous assessments from time to time like and its prediction can be way above the actual value of the cryptocurrency.

We hope this information will help you in your investment process, but this is not investment advice. Every investment carries risk, especially in this industry, so DYOR before making a decision.


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