Github Contributor Creates Browser Plugin That Blocks NFT Profiles


To give some context on this, a few days ago Twitter announced a new feature on their platform that includes NFT profiles. The feature essentially allows users to link their Twitter account with minted NFTs. 

Plugin to block Twitter NFT Profiles Exists

Not everyone likes this new feature which is why McClure, a popular contributor in Github has created a plugin that automatically blocks any Twitter account with NFT profile pictures. What’s really interesting is that this new plugin was created within 24 hours of Twitter’s announcement regarding this new feature.

The plugin rightfully called NFTBlocker sets out what it’s supposed to do. It blocks all subscribers of Twitter Blue who have an NFT profile picture. For clarification, it won’t block all Twitter Blue users, just the ones who have decided to use NFTs as their profile feature.

Since it was created quickly, the plugin only works for Firefox and Chrome browsers so far. However, McClure stated that this was just a prototype and he will continue to update this plugin so that it will automatically block all unwanted users by scanning your notification. 

Plugin to block NFT Profile Pics

But Why?

The answer is very simple since McClure is direct to the point. He states that NFTs are scams. He added that some people find NFTs to be irritating to have and that most NFT owners have to keep hyping it up so it doesn’t lose value. He says that currently Twitter is filled with NFT hype posts that copy one another creating clones after clones. By blocking these posts, he says that it will help make Twitter a better place for a lot of people. 


Although some might find McClure’s statements to be insulting, it is very interesting to see how far one man can go if he really is dedicated. He was able to create a plugin that blocks NFT profile pictures within a day of the announcement which shows that this Github contributor really doesn’t like NFTs.

We hope this information will help you in your investment process, but this is not investment advice. Every investment carries risk, especially in this industry, so DYOR before making a decision.


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