Insider Protocol Revolutionizes Trading Realm With Bots

Reviewed by Rey B Cartojano

Insider Protocol’s (IPRO) is a recent addition to the crypto scene arriving late in 2021. IPRO is basically a platform where its assets are based on its very own imperium blockchain with an anonymous transaction for security. 

IPRO is a new ecosystem developed carefully by a team of experts with anonymity as their goal. And in order for complete anonymity, human interference should be removed completely which is where the algorithms or the bots come in. 

Insider Protocol Begins A Revolution thanks to its Trading Bots

Just recently this year, Insider protocol has stated to its potential customers that it will be launching its very own trading platform that they’ve been planning for quite a while now. This trading platform uses a new bitcoin trading bot to help customers with their transactions.

This new type of bot was created to not just help with transactions but also ensure anonymity between the transactors as well.

The bot uses its own set of unique algorithms and protocols developed by the finest that Insider Protocol has to offer. If you don’t know what an algorithm is, think of it as a set of instructions left behind by someone else that you have to follow. In the bot’s case, its algorithm was prepared painstakingly by talented devs to ensure that the anonymity between transactions can be kept.

This essentially removes the human element in crypto transactions and pushes the trend towards anonymity. Although crypto transactions in the first place are anonymous to both parties, they aren’t 100% anonymous to the platform. Insider Protocol’s new bot and algorithms were designed for this which makes it more decentralized and more secure for all parties. 

Why a Bitcoin Trading Bot?

Trading is a very complicated process that is usually handled by experts and even experts themselves can make mistakes from time to time. Bottom line is, trading needs a holistic approach since you need knowledge from a lot of complex principles. This is why experts are usually needed if you want to profit from trading or you need to do a lot of research yourself if you want to do it without any expert help or advice.

This is where the trading bot comes in. Insider Protocol’s trading bot theoretically can handle the task of an expert and unlike experts, they don’t get tired and make mistakes because of fatigue since they are an artificial intelligence that follows a strict set of algorithms. It will make the right decisions most of the time and it can work for you 24/7.

So to cut it short, the Bitcoin trading bot designed by Insider Protocol is very convenient and most likely more affordable than most experts. And since it can work for you without rest it can help you generate a good amount of passive income while you’re out there having fun or sleeping soundly in your bed. It makes trading less stressful, and free from hassles!

But aside from the benefit that it gives its customers, Insider Protocol’s creators are taking their vision to the next level with this trading bot. The platform’s developers intended for a more anonymous and more decentralized platform which is what blockchains are all about.  

So far, their trading bot works with USDT and Bitcoin but it still has a long way to go since it doesn’t incorporate a lot of trading pairs. In the future, devs are planning on incorporating other trading assets like ETH, MXR, LTC, and many more!


Overall, this is exciting news for the crypto community. New coins, new platforms, and new partnerships are things to look forward to but Insider Protoco’s Bitcoin trading bot might bring more to the table by bringing in something that will push the crypto scene to the next level. It will definitely make things more convenient to everyone else, now whether or not the bot itself is reliable or not still remains to be seen. 

We hope this information will help you in your investment process, but this is not investment advice. Every investment carries risk, especially in this industry, so DYOR before making a decision.



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