Jack Dorsey is Creating a Legal Defense Fund For Bitcoin


Jack Dorsey is well known as the former CEO of the popular social media platform Twitter. Ever since he stepped down, Dorsey has been involved with a lot of projects and has been putting his hands on crypto ever since. Being a well-known philanthropist, Dorsey has proposed something that might help crypto developers in the long run. 

Dorsey Announces Legal Defence Fund

Being known for supporting cryptocurrency and Bitcoin, Jack Dorsey has proposed the creation of a legal defense fund for Bitcoin devs. As the name implies, this is a non-profit fund created to support Bitcoin developers facing legal problems and litigation.

This fund is basically free legal help for developers so that they can fight back and proceed with their projects without having o face the scrutiny of legal issues. In order to discern the appropriate parties for the fun, different members of the board including Jack Dorsey and Alex Morcos will be deciding the cases.

Bitcoin Legal Defense Fund

Aside from his avid support of crypto, the fund was created because of the heat that Bitcoin has received over multiple litigations. The developers were forced to succumb to threats and punishment due to the absence of legal help supporting them.  These developers are usually self-employed and have no means of protecting themselves from legal attacks. 


Although the crypto community has been growing steadily for the past years, a lot of the developers that comprise this community are often harassed and pressured into giving in by legal attacks. The absence of any form of legal support for these developers can force them to give up on their projects or even make compromises that can affect the quality of their overall work. Dorsey coming in and suggesting a defense fund is a big help and it can ensure that the development of the Bitcoin community is unhindered.

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