Dymension Encountered Problems On The Mainnet Right Before The Token Listing


Shortly after deploying the mainnet, Dymension encountered a network verification issue.

Dymension encountered issues on the mainnet just before the token listing

This incident from Dymension was shared by the Twitter community on the evening of 06/02. Specifically, due to the network’s recent initiation and a significant portion of tokens delegated to a single validator (up to 35%), the network verification process encountered obstacles.

Not long ago, Dymension officially announced the launch of its mainnet and participation in the Cosmos Interchain ecosystem. This solution will serve as infrastructure, facilitating projects to easily develop a RollApp (a specialized network for their applications).

Previously, the Dymension project announced an airdrop for users who had supported products from the Cosmos, Celestia, or Ethereum ecosystems. On the afternoon of 06/02, Binance also announced its support for listing the DYM token.


In the latest updates, Validator Chorus One acknowledges its involvement in the incident and commits to investigations to identify the cause and remedy it. Initial speculation suggests potential minor software errors in the network’s node operation.

Binance has also announced the postponement of the DYM token listing to the 12:00 AM milestone on 06/02 to ensure the safest trading experience for users.


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Tabitha Nyamburah

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