Metamask & Robinhood Join Forces To Revolutionize Crypto Trading


The collaboration aims to facilitate seamless cryptocurrency buying/selling on MetaMask for US users through Robinhood’s order placement tool.

MetaMask and Robinhood collaborate to simplify crypto buying and selling

ConsenSys, the parent company of popular crypto wallet app MetaMask, has announced a partnership with financial trading platform Robinhood Markets Inc. to integrate Robinhood Connect with the leading Web3 wallet.

Under the agreement, the two companies will deploy integration of Robinhood Connect with MetaMask’s Buy Crypto aggregation service to provide favorable conditions for US users when trading cryptocurrencies on Robinhood’s investment app.

Robinhood and MetaMask are well-known names in the cryptocurrency community. MetaMask, one of the leading self-custodial crypto wallet platforms, is renowned for facilitating diverse cryptocurrency transactions. Robinhood Markets Inc., a California-based financial trading platform, currently holds 118,300 BTC (worth $3 billion USD) and ranks among the top 5 ETH holders.

Robinhood Connect is a platform allowing users to buy/sell and swap cryptocurrencies to self-custodial wallets or decentralized applications (dApps). Customers can swiftly complete transactions with low fees using debit cards, bank accounts, or directly from the Robinhood investment app.

MetaMask’s Buy Crypto aggregation service enables individuals to purchase cryptocurrencies from providers in 189 different countries and comply with region-based KYC regulations.

The integration between MetaMask and Robinhood is an exciting step in our shared commitment to reduce friction for users seeking access to a self-custodial option,

Mr. Lorenzo Santos, Senior Product Director at ConsenSys, stated:

According to the statement, the collaboration between the two Web3 giants is the result of a global survey conducted by ConsenSys in 2023. With over 15,000 participants from 15 countries, 79% expressed a desire for control over their identity on the Internet, and 67% expected freedom in owning what they do online.

Meanwhile, over 5,000 people have heard of the term “cryptocurrency,” but the technological complexity of Web3 has hindered their access to the digital currency ecosystem. In a separate report on the Vietnamese market, ConsenSys stated that 36% had heard of crypto but were unclear about what it is. Therefore, the collaboration between the two companies aims to simplify operations for Web3 platforms and services, addressing these desires.


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