ENS Director Offers Innovative Avenue For Ethereum Name Service To Explore Layer 2 Development


Khori Whittaker, the executive director of ENS, emphasizes the organization’s strong commitment to research and development for Layer 2 solutions, noting that much of the developer discourse centers around Optimism.

Khori Whittaker, the executive director of Ethereum Name Service (ENS), disclosed that ENS is deeply invested in exploring ways to integrate its protocol with Layer-2 networks on Ethereum, and may even contemplate launching its own Layer 2 solution.

Speaking with CoinNerd, Whittaker refrained from divulging specific details about ENS’s research and development endeavors but hinted that the team is currently deliberating whether to integrate with an existing Ethereum Layer-2 network or introduce its own in-house Layer 2 solution, referred to as “the identity layer.”

We’re heavy in research and development on the path of layer 2 applications, so I think this year you’re going to see some tangible outcomes of that research.

Whittaker disclosed that the primary discussions among ENS developers revolved around advancing development on Optimism.

He further mentioned that upcoming Layer 2 (L2) developments might incorporate zero-knowledge proofs, essential for safeguarding user data on public blockchains.

Whittaker elucidated that ENS faces its greatest challenges stemming from its protocol structure and the level of awareness within the Ethereum ecosystem.

The Ethereum Name Service enables cryptocurrency users to acquire a “.eth” domain name. This serves as a user-friendly alternative to the intricate alphanumeric wallet addresses, simplifying fund transfers and receipts among parties on the Ethereum network.

Whittaker’s remarks to CoinNerd came shortly after ENS collaborated with domain name provider GoDaddy, enabling crypto users to connect their .eth names (domains) with conventional Web2 domains, such as those ending in .com, without incurring additional charges.

“We are sort of dependent on builders and developers to build with ENS and then push it out there. There’s this awareness challenge we have to overcome, which we’re definitely working on — we just have to be able to get into more major institutions like we did with GoDaddy,” said Whittaker.

“Crypto is still this weird space for much of the world, and all they hear about are these glimpses of scandals, token prices rising and falling,” Whittaker said. He claimed that its partnership with GoDaddy could help with the wider adoption of blockchain tech as it allows everyday web users to “easily grasp and get it.”

“I would like to see a future where we don’t talk about Web2 versus Web3,” said Whittaker. “It’s just the internet or it’s just on-chain and all these technologies — they fade into the background.”


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