A Polish Miner Mine’s Bitcoin Using Solar Panels


Bitcoin mining has become more commonplace over the past couple of years. And although it has helped a lot of people gain more income to support themselves that same can’t be said for the environment. Crypto mining leaves a huge carbon footprint and it is one of the many reasons why governments are so against the practice. 

Polish Miner Cleverly Uses Solar Panels To Mine Bitcoins

Paweł Wojciechowski, a Polish miner has decided to use PV (Photovoltaic) modules to mine cryptocurrency. The reason for this is because he wants to reduce the carbon footprint that his mining operations produce… with the added incentive that it reduces his electric bill as well.  

Wojciechowski is also able to use the excess heat to his advantage like warming water and keeping his home warm.

It can help the environment

Because people wanted to know how he exactly does this, he decided to commercialize his knowledge. Wojciechowski owns an IT company in Gniezno located in western Poland. He told Onet. pl, a Polish news site that using his own IT brand, he will start supplying people with his newfound investigation. 

It’s basically a smart boiler that works by plugging it into your housés heating system. What’s nice about this invention is that it recycles the excess heat of your heating system to power your crypto mining gear. 

The inventor mentions that the process is complicated so it’s not just a simple plug and play which people expect. Users of his device will need a miner to tinker with this invention. Your boiler will have to be connected to the device and in Wojciechowski’s case, it would be his crypto mining gear. 

Wojciechowski’s crypto mining hardware needs about 38 Kilowatts per hour every day. This is a lot of power considering that your average refrigerator only needs to use 0.8 kWh per day. Bitcoin mining is an energy-draining activity which is why Wojciechowski has decided to add 31 solar panels on his roof. The extra energy and heat that his panels generate are enough to make up for the difference. 

The miner noted that developing this product isn’t easy by himself which is why he partnered with a local factory that specializes in creating heating hardware to help him. He partnered with a foreign chemical company as well. By doing so Wojciechowski noted that he has secured a way to mass-produce his invention that people would never be able to create on their own. 

Furthermore, Wojciechowski stated that this partnership has allowed his IT company to acquire a chemical agent that is safe for humans to use. This agent will help his gear transmit more heat from his heating system to his device making the heating process more efficient.


Innovations like this bring smiles to all of our faces. It helps minimize the problems crypto mining does to the environment and it also helps create new opportunities and jobs for people who are struggling in the currency economy.

We hope this information will help you in your investment process, but this is not investment advice. Every investment carries risk, especially in this industry, so DYOR before making a decision.


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