SHINJA Trends on Twitter as the Shibnobi (SHINJA) Crypto Heats


The crypto market has been experiencing a lot of tension relative to the stock market. However, one token stands out and is taking the Twitter community by storm. Shibnobi ( SHINJA) is currently up more than 15%, and the investor interest,  as Shiba Inu and FLoki Inu, its predecessors, continues dipping further.

What is SHINJA Anyway?

SHINJA is a Shiba Inu-inspired token. The token intends to be the world’s most Shiba. Currently, it is getting the top marks for marketing and creativity. The Twitter chatter picked up on this token for about two months. However, after the initial buzz following its launch, the investors are now taking their time to reassess the meme coin space in the crypto world.

The question is, does SHINJA have what it takes to be a defining token in the crypto industry? All speculations have been made for Shibnobi, but only time will tell how interesting this crypto is.

What Do Shibnobi and Shinja Have to Present?

Amazingly, the worth of many meme coins currently has been muted. The markets are becoming increasingly risky with inflation and fears over interest rate hikes going up. However, meme coins generally have tremendous run-ups in valuation and tend to experience a lot of price volatility.

Shibnobi is garnering attention as a meme coin and as a promising deflationary token. Also, it reportedly will create its blockchain, namely- Kusari. This indicates that Shibnobi has some potential. It’s however unclear if the token can fulfill this pact and see it to fruition.

However, more speculators appear to be willing to risk their capital to test this. Accordingly, the token may be fascinating in micro-cap circles for traders to keep their radar. Mostly, publishing and commentary about cryptos with low capitalization, typically below $100 million, is often a risk-off. But SHINJA is still getting new capital into it.

The Fate of Meme Coins

SHINJA Shibnobi
SHINJA Shibnobi

Shibnobi comes in when Shiba Inu is making new strides to its future. The Twitter fans woke up to the warming news from Shib Community that they were introducing and welcoming their metaverse-Shiberse, which will be an immersive experience to the Shiba Inu ecosystem and metaverse space.

However, experts and analysts are worried about the fate of meme coins like Shiba Inu. But the announcement regarding the metaverse takes away almost all the worries, giving hope to traders. According to the tweet, Shiberse might be launching this year in 2022 to provide exposure for Shib devotees in the upcoming metaverse space.

This comes as good news amid the bearish sentiment in the crypto market, which has seen Shiba Inu fall over 32%. The Shibarmy are suggesting SHIB builders burn part of the token allocation to increase the value of the meme coin. But so far, nothing has happened.

There is still a plan for Shiba Inu to launch its blockchain in order to cut its expenditure on gas. These plans have also brought confidence among consultants on the meme coins future. Besides, SHIB whales like Vitalik have also burned most of the Shib they had bought out of the 505 trillion Shib tokens available.

We hope this information will help you in your investment process, but this is not investment advice. Every investment carries risk, especially in this industry, so DYOR before making a decision.


Tabitha Nyamburah

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