The CEO of Binance Is The Richest Crypto Billionaire


The crypto exchange platform Binance started in 2017 and a year later it became the largest cryptocurrency exchange platform in the world. Despite tons of competition like Coinbase and FTX, Binance was still able to hold onto this position in 2022 showing how steady its leadership is.

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao is Estimated to be Worth $96B 

Binance’s CEO is a truly competent and intelligent man as he was able to lead Binance in maintaining their position as well as earn a huge sum of money in the process. Changpeng Zhao or better known as CZ is one of the richest people in the world estimated to have a net worth near $96 Billion. 

The CEO of Binance has an estimated net worth of $96 billion

He is 11th in rank for the richest people in the world and he is the richest crypto billionaire as well. It’s only to be expected since he is the leader of Binance which is the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange.

CZ formerly worked at Mcdonalds flipping burgers and doing menial labor. Today he is a successful billionaire thanks to his experiences. One of the biggest reasons why Binance was able to make it big was because CZ went out of his way to mingle with a lot of important people and get operational licenses allowing Binance to function globally and bypass some regulations. 


Changpeng Zhao is the man behind the platform. Binance wouldn’t have been able to maintain its position and make it big today if it weren’t for this man’s hard work and dedication. CZ started out from humble beginnings and successfully flew all the way to the top thanks to his determination and a little bit of luck.

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