What is Guild of Guardians? And Does it Have Potential?


A lot of people have been hyping up Guild of Guardians recently which is why we’ve decided to cover this project and analyze its potential in the blockchain market. So without further ado, let’s get started and check out what the hype is all about.

What is Guild of Guardians

A mobile role-playing game, Guild of Guardians allows users to turn their gaming passions into valuable assets.

It is an NFT role-playing collectible game built on the Immutable X blockchain in which users join guilds to cross and challenge dungeons to mine resources that can be exchanged for money. In addition, the game includes heroes and their pets, both of which are also NFTs/

Right now, the game is currently under development and it’s scheduled to be released in the early parts of 2022.

Does it Have Potential?

Guild of Guardians Potential

One of the most exciting parts of Guild of Guardians is the idea of an actual metaverse economy based on the game’s characters and world. The project’s aim is that there will be millions of players collaborating, trading, and participating in this ever-changing and extremely dynamic market.

Another thing worth noting is that it’s a play-to-earn game. If you don’t know what this means, it simply implies that you have the potential to earn money from this game if you put in enough time and effort into it. This means you get to enjoy playing the game and get paid to do it!  

This is something that appeals to a lot of gamers and explains why this game has a lot of potential.

Gaming NFTs

For players, gaming NFTs are game-changers. The amount of interest and investment in Guild of Guardians shown by these well-known organizations demonstrates that the potential in this field is virtually limitless.

NFTs enable the introduction of game-changing new concepts, the most notable of which is the ability for third parties other than the game’s producer to build actual, long-term businesses around it.

Potential Metaverse Hub

On the other hand, there are even more layers of gameplay and earning potential. And people and groups can develop genuine companies and groups on the Guild of Guardians platform.

To put it another way, the Guild of Guardians has the potential to be an actual, dynamic, and metaverse economy. 

It is becoming increasingly evident that numerous groups are becoming involved in the long-term success of the Guild of Guardians, and that they are beginning to recruit and establish their respective plans for participation in this new economy that the game will create.

Various decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and organizations are already heading in that route, strategizing their movements and internal organizational structures to maximize Guild of Guardians while also having a good effect on the economy.

This explains why the project has gained a lot of Twitter followers ever since the project was announced.

Source: https://messari.io/asset/guild-of-guardians/chart/twitter-followers

Guild of Guardians Overview

Guild of Guardians Vision and Mission

As stated by their whitepaper, Guild of Guardiansvision is to create the world’s most popular role-playing game, allowing millions of players to turn their gaming love into real-world assets.

They are also on a mission to disrupt the gaming industry and usher in a new era of play-and-earn – a world in which players may enjoy a game while earning and trading in a large, open-world economy.

These are very big goals and they intend to set the standard for NFT gaming in the future by providing excellence in the following areas:

Being Fun To Play

Guild of Guardians promises to be a thrilling and entertaining experience. Action RPG, complex strategy, dynamic trading economy metagame, and socially centered gameplay will keep gamers engaged for years to come in our upcoming title.

Play to Earn Features

Just like in the real world, you have the option to specialize or play a certain role in the Guild of Guardians’ economy. Users will be able to earn both NFTs and tokens while playing for free in the game’s economy, which will be deep and sustainable.

High Accessibility

Because Guild of Guardians will be available on both iOS and Android devices, it will be accessible to everyone. Plus the fact that the underlying technology will be based on Immutable X, players will not even be aware that they are interacting with the blockchain in the future. Making the game extremely accessible.

Incentives Driven by the Community

Having a large player base is very important to the Guild of Guardians staff, and they are well aware of this. This will allow the guild of Guardians team to engage with and reward the community for their contributions to the general ecosystem, as well as encourage innovators to create long-term businesses in the metaverse.

Guild of Guardians Team

Guild of Guardians Development Team

Guild of Guardians is a video game developed by Stepico Games and released by Immutable. As a result of this cooperation, gamers will have access to an industry-leading game that blends Immutable’s knowledge and technology in the blockchain gaming market with Stepico’s demonstrated ability to produce mobile games.

In addition to having over 80 designers, illustrators, and developers on staff, Stepico Games is a leading game development studio in Ukraine. The team has developed various mobile games in the strategy and role-playing game genres, which have received more than 5 million downloads.

Derek Lau — Game Lead

Derek is the guy in charge of the Guild of Guardians’ operations. In addition to having extensive expertise with start-ups and strategy, he has been working with non-profit organizations (NFTs) for a long time, having joined in 2017. 

In his previous career, as a management consultant with Oliver Wyman, where he assisted CEOs of some of Australia’s major companies with strategy projects, he gained valuable experience. 

Aside from that, he was the founder of Parkways, a start-up company where he learned how to be an entrepreneur and put in long hours. When he is not working, he enjoys playing video games and checking Crypto Twitter.

Nikola Pisetskyy — Managing director

Nikola founded a marketing company while he was only 21 years old. He began his career in game production by creating mobile web games, which led to the establishment of Stepico Games, a game development studio in Ukraine. Nikola, for example, has collaborated with major corporations like Amazon, Universal, and Outplay. He has also worked on large-scale multiplayer role-playing games in the past, and he has directed projects on these types of games.

Nick Kelland — Marketing and Community Manager

Nick’s work is primarily focused on commercial or broadcast media, as well as marketing. He has been working there for about five years and has gained a great deal of knowledge about marketing and media. 

VOSSEE was also one of his projects, which he worked on for several years. He was also one of the app’s co-founders, which was a great honor for him. There aren’t many people who have Nick’s combination of business and media knowledge and expertise. He is an avid gamer as well as a sports enthusiast.

These are just some of the capable team members working on Guild of Guardians. More details of their team members can be found here if you want to know more.

Guild of Guardians Features

Guild of Guardians Gameplay

When it comes to building a guild, the Guild of Guardians relies on the tried-and-true strategy of recruiting heroes, defeating dungeons, and acquiring resources. Because it is a mobile RPG, it is accessible to anyone who owns a smartphone. 

Gathering resources allows you to create in-game products and heroes, which can then be sold for real money after they are completed. Gamer empowerment has never been greater than it is now because of the play-to-earn notion of blockchain gaming.

Because of this, the game has a lot of features you find in a lot of mobile RPG games. We’re talking about features like


Heroes are characters that players will use to battle enemies and gain rewards in Dungeons. 

They can be summoned in Guild of Guardians either by purchasing a summon or by earning summoning shards via play in the game.

Each hero will have a unique set of attributes that will influence his or her playstyle, as well as its weaknesses. As a player, you must devise a strategy and assemble a squad of heroes that correspond to your desired playstyle.

Players will be able to put together their perfect team of heroes and choose how they want to play and specialize, meaning that there will be heroes and synergies for everyone.


Having pets is a feature in the game that can enhance the effectiveness of your squad. Binding pets to your squad will grant you additional crafting resources, better item drop chances, and dungeon prizes, just to name a few of the many advantages they provide.


Players should form guilds in this game because the main point of the game is to bring them together in a multiplayer environment. Joining a Guild will be necessary for anyone who wishes to earn large rewards, gather everything, and complete the game. 

Aside from that, only Guild members get access to some game modes that have more difficult foes and rare rewards that are exclusive to the Guild. 

The name of the game is “Guild of Guardians” after all and guilds formed in this game will develop its community and raise the game’s potential from a pay-to-play game to something more of a hub in the metaverse.


The majority of the game’s gameplay will be spent progressing through dungeons. The dungeons in the game are all based on levels and are one-of-a-kind. To keep things interesting, there will be enemies, bosses, and traps to discover and overcome at certain points during the game.

Resources, currency, and equipment will be earned by the players as they move through the dungeons and complete the many challenges. Rewards taken from dungeons can be used to acquire and improve heroes as well as to create and upgrade equipment. 


Gems, which are tokenized ERC-20 tokens, are the in-game currency of Guild of Guardians. Gems can be purchased with real money in the game’s shop. Gems are awarded to game developers and content providers as a means of encouraging the expansion of the game and its community.

As players progress through the game, they will be rewarded with gems, which may then be traded for other items. Premium capabilities, such as the ability to create and merge in-game items, are only available to those who have a significant amount of Gems on their account.

The Guild of Guardians staff may award Gems to members of the community in exchange for a range of actions, such as participation in community events, grants, competitions, and bonus tokens, among other things.

In-Game Ownership

The Guild of Guardians will not sell equipment because they want the game’s equipment economy to be fully player-driven and impartial, rather than controlled by a third party.

It’s up to players to locate, develop, and trade with the hundreds of different weapons and armor pieces that they’ve found.

Because of blockchain technology, every single in-game item, hero, and pet is issued as an ERC-721 asset or NFT. If you have a wallet that supports the token standard, you will be able to transfer these products to other people which will encourage trading within the game.

In addition, Immutable X, an Ethereum layer 2 scaling solution, is employed by the Guild of Guardians team to assure security, decentralization, and scalability. Immutable 

X is an excellent choice for this game because it requires no gas and allows for quick trades. Because tokens generated using this technology are compliant with both the ERC-20 and the ERC-721 protocol standards, there are no risks connected with storing or managing them.

Backers & Investors 

Source: https://www.guildofguardians.com/ 


Source: https://www.guildofguardians.com/Guild_of_Guardians_Whitepaper.pdf 

Source: https://www.guildofguardians.com/Guild_of_Guardians_Whitepaper.pdf 


Guild of Guardians can be an amazing game thanks to the talented team behind it and the project being built on Immutable X. The game’s biggest potential comes from its community-building elements where it has the potential to become a big hub for the Metaverse. 

Additionally, it’s a good game to spend your free time in since it will have play-to-earn mechanics which essentially reward your real money for playing the game. All we can say is that the game has a lot of potentials and it already has customers even though it’s not released. 

We hope this information will help you in your investment process, but this is not investment advice. Every investment carries risk, especially in this industry, so DYOR before making a decision.


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