The Cardano Foundation Plans to Plant 1 Million Trees


The Cardano Foundation is a cryptocurrency and blockchain organization that is based in Switzerland. Its mission is to “standardize, protect and promote” its Cardano Protocol technology. With its globally diverse organization comprising of different teams working across 4 continents and over 15 countries, the company already has roots to globalize the promotion of its technology.

Cardano Planting 1 Million Trees in Kenya

Over the past year, the Cardano Foundation already had plans to go green and help the environment. The foundation is partnering with Veritree in an effort to plant over a million trees. This partnership shows Cardano’s commitment in promoting its name as well as helping the environment by going green. Not only does it help climate change but it also helps crypto’s negative reputation with Bitcoin miners and other technology that give off large carbon footprints which is harmful to the environment in the long term.

The foundation has been collecting funds and raising money to push this project and finally, they are ready to contribute to making the environment cleaner and greener. All that’s left now is a location and they already have that as well.

A tweet posted by the Chief Executive Officer of the Cardano Foundation, Frederik Gregaard states that the Cardano Foundation is ready to go and is aiming to plant trees and restore local ecosystems in Kenya with their #CardanoForest project. 

Planting 1 million trees in Kenya
Planting 1 million trees in Kenya


Crypto going green paints a very positive picture about cryptocurrency especially with its negative reputation regarding the environment due to the damage it has caused the past couple of years. The Cardano Foundation is living up to its missions and it is showing a good example of what a blockchain organization should be.

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