Legal Struggle About Monera Mining in Japan is Coming To A Close


Legal struggles are commonplace especially if you’re dealing with something as controversial as global phenomena like cryptocurrency. However, some cases take years to resolve and it’s good news to hear that a legal dispute over Monera is finally coming to a close. 

Monero Mining Widget Case Comes to a Close

A five-year-long case over a Japanese music site developer has come to a close. After fighting the police for many years due to a widget in his website that mines MXR, Monero’s cryptocurrency coin, he has finally won in the supreme court against the police. 

Japanese Legal Struggle With Monero

To give some context about the case, it started way back in 2018. Moroi Seiya who was based in Yokohama used a crypto-miner app on his  websites. This Coinhive app essentially made visitors on his website mine Monero for him. 

The Coinhibe app has been long discontinued but he was still using it to gain funds and take advantage of his visitors of whom 70% of the profit was going to him while the remaining 30% goes to the developer of the mining app. 

During 2017-2018, the Japanese police were on high alert carrying out crackdown after crackdowns on different types of crypto mining software.  Moroi was hit with a $900 fine but he refused to give up and took the police to court. He claimed that he wasn’t doing anything illegal so he shouldn’t be fined. 

The legal battle took years to resolve, which was the time when Moroi was able to take the case to the Japanese Supreme court and won. The Supreme Court judged that crypto mining software is not malware which the police vehemently claimed he was using. 


Moroi was crowdfunded by the Japan Hackers Association for his legal battles and he thanked them for giving him support. And even though Moroi wasn’t guilty of anything he says that he has a lot of things to reflect on.

We hope this information will help you in your investment process, but this is not investment advice. Every investment carries risk, especially in this industry, so DYOR before making a decision.


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