Mother of Vitalik Buterin Invests In Tristan Metaverse


Vitalik Buterin is one of the biggest names in the blockchain scene and this Russian-Canadian developer is best known as the one who created Ethereum. As the co-founder of Ethereum, Buterin has made a big name for himself but his mother, Natalia Ameline is also playing the blockchain game as well. 

Genesi DAC leader Natalia Ameline Invests in Tristan Metaverse

Natalia Ameline, the leader of a group of venture capital investors known as Genesi DAC has just decided to choose Tristan Metaverse as its very first investment. They have many plans and projects for the gaming platform which will be announced soon. 

The exact amount for the investment is undisclosed but we know that the funds used for the investment will be used towards developing blockchain-based games that will be released on the Tristan Metaverse gaming platform. Natalia Ameline states that the very first line of games is scheduled to be released by the end of the month. 

Genesi DAC invests in Tristan Metaverse
Genesi DAC invests in Tristan Metaverse

Ameline stated that Genesi DAC is still in its infancy stage and it’s going to use its $100 Million funds wisely for the right projects. She also added that money isn’t an issue for them but they need to be careful about choosing who to invest in.

Ameline noted that the projects that they will invest in should have a good reputation and a proven track record that shows their skill. Lastly, they need projects that have innovative approaches to problems as well as large scaling potential so that they can grow and take a foothold in the market.

Genesi DAC chose Tristan Metaverse due to its versatility, good reputation, and skilled developers. The gaming platform can offer other things to people who aren’t into crypto, which is video games. It will also help attract a wider audience of crypto gamers as well. Lastly,  it might convince non-crypto users to dabble in cryptocurrency which is a big help to the crypto community. 

All the users need is a decentralized application (dapp) that they can share in their community via Discord, Telegram, Twitter, and other social media platforms. Ameline believes that this will help pave the way for many users to adopt Web3 technology. 

When asked about future projects for her consortium, Natalia Ameline responded that Genesi DAC’s committee is responsible for selecting the projects to invest in her. They already have a few projects in mind in their pipeline. For a project to be chosen, one needs to pass a vote to the committee which the committee will pass along to the other members of DAC with each member having the right to consider investing. 

One notable member of Genesi DAC is Metis Labs. They are the developer who is known for their Metis Optimistic Rollup scaling solution to solve problems in the Ethereum network. Vitalik Buterin claims that these rollups are the correct method moving forward since it helps with the network’s scaling issue. 

Ameline noted that Metis Labs has had extraordinary growth ever since its launch in November of last year. And what’s crazier is that it continues to grow rapidly with its TVL (Total Value Locked) growing consistently ever since. 

CEO of Tristan Metaverse, Frank L commented that the platform’s main goal is to make crypto gaming prevalent and mainstream among people. The investment made by Genesi DAC is a big help so that they can slowly lower the barriers of entry into crypto gaming. 


Natalia Ameline is making big developments in the crypto community just like her son. Choosing a gaming platform like Tristan Metaverse is a good idea especially if they want to attract more non-crypto users into the world of cryptocurrency.

We hope this information will help you in your investment process, but this is not investment advice. Every investment carries risk, especially in this industry, so DYOR before making a decision.


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