Twitter Blue Introduces a New Feature Which Involves NFT Profile Pics

Reviewed by Rey B Cartojano

To give you guys some context, Twitter introduced Twitter Blue in June 2021 last year. It’s the platform’s very first subscription service. And as a subscription, it offers a whole bunch of extra services and features for those that have paid for it.  The best thing that it has to offer according to users is that it gives you more control and customizations over your tweets which is something most users have been expecting for years now. 

Twitter Blue Rolls Out  New Features Supporting NFT Profile Pics

Just recently this Thursday, Twitter just gave an announcement that they will roll out a new feature in the IOS that will support NFT(Nonfungible token) and hexagonal avatars. And to give precedence and value to their first subscription service Twitter Blue, they’ve decided that Twitter Blue subscribers are the first people that should have access to this new feature regarding NFTs.

Twitter Blue only costs around  $2.99 per month. What this new feature essentially does is that it allows users to connect to their digital wallets like Rainbow, Trust Waller, Argent, Ledger, Coinbase, etc. Once they’ve connected they can set it as their profile pic.

Because of this new feature, a lot of users can easily know about each other simply through their wallets and NFT avatars as well as verify the authenticity of one another. This simple verification can save a lot of users from headaches and problems since there are tons of scammers and fraud accounts out there.

Twitter stated that their platform does not have an ongoing connection with crypto wallets and it instead just copies their public wallet address and holds your NFT avatar. This all sounds good on paper but nonsubscribers can easily bypass this and just mint and save any NFT profile pic which defeats the purposes of the feature.

The platform admits that this new feature is in the early stages and they are working on improving it. 


Giant social media platforms like Twitter showing love for NFTs by adding a theme exclusively on their subscription service is a big deal. Their new feature is good on paper but it can easily be copied by nonsubscribers. Hopefully, Twitter improves on this new feature since it might help with verifying the authenticity of crypto accounts in the future. 

We hope this information will help you in your investment process, but this is not investment advice. Every investment carries risk, especially in this industry, so DYOR before making a decision.



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